Thursday, February 28, 2008


A little while ago I posted a blog about how wonderful and generally perfect the Tea Centre was...I confess that I was hasty. Having gone there recently and been dissapointed with the service, I have some complaints to make. Whilst their selection is terrific and I certainly do having a speciality tea store nearby; this needs to be said. The green tea I had up there with my partner turned out to be horrible. The tea itself smelt fine, it was the fact that there were FAR too many leaves used and the water was clealry boiling. To make matter worse, none of their teapots (used for drinking rather than purchasing) feature any kind of removable strainer, so each cup is worse than the previous one...especially in regards to a delicate green tea. Very short post, I know, but I simply had to let everyone know that my initial love for the store was perhaps ill placed. Still, I do certainly adore their range and the people (at Sydney) are very friendly.


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Stacey347 said...

Hi Andrew,

You should try Mighty Leaf Chamomile Citrus Tea... it is my absolute Favourite! I have it after dinner every night. Let me know what you think,


Stacey347 said...

You can find it here by the way if you havent heard of them:

Monika Janiszewska said...

I really enjoy reading your blog.

Well, unfortunately I agree with your opinion. Whilst the Tea Centre has a broad selection of teas and well-organized shops around Sydney, their tea houses as such are not too professional with the way they prepare their tea. It is literally painful to see these leaves being steeped for such a long time.

Did you find their stock to be fresh and aromatic?

I personally prefer smaller suppliers, such as SanTion or Valley Tea. I like the fact that they actually go to China and search for the best teas. Less commercial, more in touch with the real tea philosophy.

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